Vegetable POS

Fruit & Vegetable Shops overview

Fruit and vegetable stores require a unique setup that usually involves additional hardware not common on other POS installations. Hardware such as scales, label printers, integrated weight scale and more are all very common in these stores.

Scales play an important role as the majority of fresh produce is purchased by weight. Softouch Retail fruits & vegetable POS integrates with 9 scale models which can all be configured specifically for your business.

  • Integrated and fast point of sale
  • Sell items by count or weight
  • Weighing scale integration
  • Home Delivery system
  • Hot key for fast moving items like milk and bread
  • Repackaging for sugar, rice and pulses
  • Auto-creation of orders from replenishment
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Seamless data synchronization within chain
  • User-defined barcode for packed items
  • Multiple UPC/EAN for a single SKU
  • Adapt to customer’s buying pattern
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Analyse SKU by stock age
  • Track SKU by fast, slow and non-moving
  • Accurate mark up and margin calculation
  • Stock out and No sales report
  • Detail reports
  • Supplier wise sales & stock for effective reorder
  • And many more ......

Fruits and Vegetables Stores Backend

A Quick and Fully Integrated software with various features like POS Sales Invoice, Inventory, Wastage Management, accounting, Sales Entry etc. This software would help you to integrate your shop operations with its reporting system which would make it possible for you to take prompt actions and help get more customers
Product Images on Buttons
It's possible to program buttons with a product image to enable easier identification of certain products. These images are best used for items that are easily recognized visually. It goes without saying that good quality images work best.
Product Images on Buttons
Scale Integration
Softouch POS integrates to 11 different scales that allow direct weight measurement into the POS screen sales window. This means you can simply put the items on a scale, press the selected stock item button and it will be weighed instantly and display the price.
Scale Integration

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