VI-Book Accounting Software


VI-Book Client and Server System is developed in VB.Net 2010 and MS SQL Server 2008. It is a Complete Inventory and Accounts System for Inventory business
Simple to you, Easy to Implement, Flexible to Customized Solution
Manage your Business’s Stock, Purchase, Sales, Tax, Expense, Account Reports etc.

Customers and Suppliers

  • Manage All Suppliers Details
  • Current Due Amount Details
  • Access to All Reports Anytime
  • Details Report for Customer & Supplier
  • Payable, Receivable in one click

Cloud Supported Software

  • Easy access of the application from anywhere
  • Accessible on WIN Base Laptop and Tabs Easily
  • Automatic data backup on daily basis
  • No hardware or maintenance cost
  • Login from multi locations

GST Ready Billing Solution For Your Business

  • Real Time Update
  • Print, SMS & Email Bills
  • Multi Traders Invoice
  • GST Compliant Invoice
  • Multi Company Access
  • Simple Solution For All
  • Complete Data Control
  • Cloud Supported Solution
  • Daily Alerts

Inventory Features

  • Stock Item Management
  • Inventory Costing Methods (FIFO, AVERAGE, LAST PURCHASED, ZERO COST)
  • Barcode Support and Multiple barcode for single item
  • Stock Item Locations
  • Multi Units ( kgs, pcs, bags, bag of 50 kgs, tin of 20 kgs)
  • Sales Invoice ( Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Sales Returns)
  • Sales Orders ( Sales Orders, Sales Quotation, Delivery Note )
  • Purchase Invoice ( Cash Purchase , Credit Purchase)
  • Purchase Orders (Purchase Enquiry, Good Receipt Note)
  • Delivery Notes
  • POS
  • Order Monitoring
  • Customer Monitoring
  • Supplier Monitoring
  • Stock Transfer ( by Location wise)

Accounting Features

  • Daybook
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Funds Flow Statement
  • Cost Centers
  • Bill Wise Details
  • Account Reports

Payroll Management

  • Employee Management
  • Attendance
  • Duties Management
  • Payslip
  • Employee ID Monitor
  • Attendance Reports
  • Leave Management
  • Document Attachments and more

Other Features

  • User Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Document Managements
  • User Login Activities
  • Backup and Restore
  • Currencies
  • Import and Export Masters
  • Import and Export Transactions

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